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A payment orchestration platform is a technology solution born out of the world of APIs and tied to new technologies. Thanks to our strategic technology partners, UpStream Pay's infrastructure meets today's security, integrity, and stability standards.

Availability and processing speed

Our API has been designed to maintain its performance and availability even in the face of slowdowns or blockages that may occur from third-party partners. More generally, UpStream Pay's systems have been designed to provide a high level of service through a scalable and redundant architecture. Processing speed is typically less than one second.

Hosting management

UpStream Pay currently hosts its systems in several data centers in Europe. We benefit from the know-how of major players in cloud hosting. All payment flows are managed by our authorized partners. We use infrastructure as code technologies to be able to quickly deploy our solution in new data centers. This allows us to ensure a business continuity plan and helps us to accompany our customers on other continents.


UpStream Pay designs its software to have total sovereignty through the use of open-source software.


We have designed a secure solution. To do this, we have set up a very powerful anti-DDOS system in partnership with one of the market leaders in the field. We use tools to detect security flaws and perform regular security audits.


In order to best support our customers in their payment projects, we work in agile mode. We release new versions of our solution every four weeks, without any downtime or action required from our customers.

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